Useful Advice For Travelling With Golf Clubs

If you have ever travelled with your own golf clubs, you will most likely know what a pain it is dragging them through the airport, in and out of cars, and getting them to the golf course you will be playing at. When travelling abroad to play golf, you have a number of options including taking the clubs with you on the flight, sending them with a trustworthy shipping company or renting clubs when you get there. In most golf courses and at the golf driving range Surrey they offer a number of top quality clubs for players to hire and use. However most serious golf players prefer to play with their own personal clubs and therefore will travel with them no matter the hassle.


Some airlines will charge extra for a golf bag, so it is best to check before you fly to avoid large fees at the airport. If the bag is overweight or oversized, there will also be extra fees to pay so research the restrictions before you pack. A good thing to remember is to check the amount of balls you have in the bag before flying, as a large amount can be very heavy and unnecessary.


Use a high quality protective travel bag that is designed for golf clubs. This will provide the necessary padding and protection that will prevent damage and breakages to the clubs. You can also add in some clothes between each club for extra protection.

Medway Financial Services

A brief guide to professionals in Medway

For a relatively small constituency, Medway offers up a full range of professional financial services. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you will be able to find all the essential financial help that you and your business require here.

Bookkeeper Medway

Bookkeepers focus on the day to day financial administration of your business and are the perfect companion to your books and general ledgers. Many bookkeeping professionals offer services based from Medway and you’ll be faced with a wide choice of professionals.

Accountants Medway

While you’ll be leaving the daily financials to your bookkeeper, you may require or want an accountant for your larger tasks, such as tax. Medway offers a wide range of accountancy firms to choose from. Hiring an accountant often seems expensive and small business owners may question the validity of doing so, however, as a general rule, the initial cost of the accountant is often offset by the savings they manage to get for you. Particularly come tax time.

Banking Medway

All of the major financial institutions within the UK are represented in Medway so if you are considering moving your operation to Medway but wanting to retain face-to-face communication with your bank, you will be able to do so.

Considering the importance of good financial planning and record keeping, it’s not surprising to be concerned with services on offer in an area. However, as a busy little constituency, Medway guarantees the full range of financial services you require.