Protecting Your Business from Data Security Incidents

One of the most widespread potential threats to a business in recent times is data security incidents. Most business owners are unaware of this fact and do very little to protect their sensitive data. Data security breaches for both small and large businesses are happening on a daily basis and can cause huge damage to a company. With a lack of resources, knowledge and security plans however, businesses are unable to fully protect themselves from a cyberattack. However, it is not as difficult as you might think, all you need is to invest some time and effort into securing your business. Below you can find out how you can protect your business from data security incidents.

Understand More

Educate yourself and employees on the different kinds of data security incidents and what can be done to prevent them. Identify the sources of risk and learn how you can best protect your business.

Work With an IT Specialist

Ensure your company works alongside IT support services London to have specialists that can check your systems and recommend the best way to secure your data. They can help to put systems in to place to minimise the risk.

Know Your Data

If your business stores its data in a number of locations, make sure you are clear on what data you have and where it is stored. If you have any sensitive data, this should be safeguarded as confidential data needs to be kept safe.

Useful Advice For Travelling With Golf Clubs

If you have ever travelled with your own golf clubs, you will most likely know what a pain it is dragging them through the airport, in and out of cars, and getting them to the golf course you will be playing at. When travelling abroad to play golf, you have a number of options including taking the clubs with you on the flight, sending them with a trustworthy shipping company or renting clubs when you get there. In most golf courses and at the golf driving range Surrey they offer a number of top quality clubs for players to hire and use. However most serious golf players prefer to play with their own personal clubs and therefore will travel with them no matter the hassle.


Some airlines will charge extra for a golf bag, so it is best to check before you fly to avoid large fees at the airport. If the bag is overweight or oversized, there will also be extra fees to pay so research the restrictions before you pack. A good thing to remember is to check the amount of balls you have in the bag before flying, as a large amount can be very heavy and unnecessary.


Use a high quality protective travel bag that is designed for golf clubs. This will provide the necessary padding and protection that will prevent damage and breakages to the clubs. You can also add in some clothes between each club for extra protection.

Medway Financial Services

A brief guide to professionals in Medway

For a relatively small constituency, Medway offers up a full range of professional financial services. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you will be able to find all the essential financial help that you and your business require here.

Bookkeeper Medway

Bookkeepers focus on the day to day financial administration of your business and are the perfect companion to your books and general ledgers. Many bookkeeping professionals offer services based from Medway and you’ll be faced with a wide choice of professionals.

Accountants Medway

While you’ll be leaving the daily financials to your bookkeeper, you may require or want an accountant for your larger tasks, such as tax. Medway offers a wide range of accountancy firms to choose from. Hiring an accountant often seems expensive and small business owners may question the validity of doing so, however, as a general rule, the initial cost of the accountant is often offset by the savings they manage to get for you. Particularly come tax time.

Banking Medway

All of the major financial institutions within the UK are represented in Medway so if you are considering moving your operation to Medway but wanting to retain face-to-face communication with your bank, you will be able to do so.

Considering the importance of good financial planning and record keeping, it’s not surprising to be concerned with services on offer in an area. However, as a busy little constituency, Medway guarantees the full range of financial services you require.



The Long Term Benefits of PR

Many clients expect to see huge results within weeks of starting a PR campaign. However, what businesses need to understand is that PR offers a long term value, with consistent benefits that result in a steady growth of a company. These benefits may not be noticeable as resulting from the PR campaign, but as long as the business is growing and improving, then this is proof that the PR company or in-house department is doing its job. Although there are a number of benefits, some of the main long term benefits of PR include:

  • Media Coverage – PR efforts for media coverage often take a long time to set up and prepare before the publication goes to print. For some publications, editorial deadlines can be months in advance. Part of the PR campaign can be media coverage that isn’t released during the campaign but instead afterwards, and media coverage can often bring awareness and increase sales.
  • Opportunities – When PR practitioners pitch a story to the reporters, it may not be used straight away but instead in the future. Reporters for the media can often keep a list of potential stories that they can use when needed, so a business may get media coverage or even nominated for an award in the future, a long time after the campaign. The nomination for awards usually take months, so a business may receive recognition for an award and reap the benefits long after the nomination was first made.

Businesses in Kent

Kent is well serviced with every type of business that consumers and business customers alike will need. Kent is one of the Home Counties and is situated to the South East of Greater London. Connected to the capital via numerous highways and motorways including the M20, means that businesses in Kent are in direct competition with those of the capital. This competitive market place keeps local Kentish businesses striving to provide excellent products and customer service, the latter of which is often better than that to be found in London.

The range of services on offer is diverse and reflects the needs of the densely populated areas of the county. From local butchers, to florists, to manufacturers and many, many more in between, Kent has all the services required by locals and those who prefer a smaller, more local or family run company over a large corporate business. There are a range of accountants in Kent along with other financial services. All of the major British banks have outlets in Kent too.

Manufacturing in Kent is a robust industry as well. Although commonly known as the ‘Garden of England’, the county has an active role in England’s production of consumer goods, such as pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. Historically Kent has always been a county that while maintaining its garden reputation and small town, country feel – has been an integral part of large and small scale manufacturing and the goods and services industries of the country as a whole. Those seeking a wide range of businesses in Kent will not be disappointed.

Choosing a Nursing Home in Worthing

Selecting a care and nursing home for your elderly loved ones can be a very daunting task. Among the factors to consider are; location, facilities, staff, the type of care required, and extracurricular activities on offer for residents. Different residents have different needs and you will be wanting to choose a place that best caters to the uniqueneeds of your family member or loved one.

There are several nursing homes in Worthing. Some are National award winners who have been recognised for their excellence in providing above standard care and going the extra mile for residents. Choosing a care home that has been nationally recognised provides you with extra peace of mind that you are making the best possible choice in assisted living.

National award winners are evaluated on a framework that encompasses all aspects of the nursing home environment, from practical concerns such as sanitation and medicine management, staff training and selection criteria, to the quality and diversitythat are essential elements in the extracurricular activities the nursing home has on offer.

Good staff are the backbone of any nationally recognised nursing and care home. Your loved one or family member will benefit from the comfort and sense of belonging which are fostered through close contact with staff, particularly if the staff are willing to go the extra mile and form close bonds with residents. It is these bonds and friendships that make your family member feel at home, cared for, and appreciated for the unique resident they are.



What Causes Moss to Grow on a Roof?

When moss grows on the roof of a property it not only looks unsightly and ruins the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your home, but it can also cause a lot of damage to the roof. The shingles on a roof offer a perfect environment for moss, algae and other fungi to grow as it is moist and humid. When combined with shade from trees and falling leaves, moss can thrive as it has all the nutrients it needs.

The reason moss can damage the roof is that it is holding in water in a sponge-like way which over a period of time can cause the shingles to crack. When the water freezes and thaws, the shingles will be pushed out of place causing leaks and rot on the roof. If moss is left to grow for a long period of time, it can cause expensive damage to a roof.

To prevent the growth of moss on a roof, maintenance and care such as clearing the gutters and cutting tree branches will stop it being able to thrive. The roof should also be well ventilated and provide air circulation in the loft area, as this will prevent condensation forming which can also lead to the growth of moss and fungus. If you already have some moss on the roof, it is best to bring in experts of roof cleaning Woking to remove it manually and then cover the roof with a biocide to prevent it re-growing.

Useful Forklift Safety Tips

Forklifts are practical machines that are used in a range of businesses. With an extremely heavy weight and a fast speed, these vehicles may be useful but they can also be dangerous. Operating a forklift is fairly simple but there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure the support of workplace health and safety regulations. Here are some important and useful forklift safety tips:

  • Drivers of forklifts should be trained and qualified.
  • A forklift vehicle should be examined before every use, and any concerns or issues should be reported to the supervisor to be looked at.
  • Forklifts that require maintenance or repair should not be used.
  • Understand the weight capacity of the forklift and do not exceed it.
  • A radar detection system should be used to avoid the forklift coming in to contact with any objects such as people, other vehicles or buildings.
  • Drivers should stay in the operator seat with the seat belt on at all times when the vehicle is moving.
  • People on the ground should stay away from moving vehicles, especially when it is lifting or carrying a load.
  • Appropriate safety clothing should be worn by operators.
  • The vehicle should be operated at a safe speed, and turns should be taken slowly to avoid tipping.
  • Loads should be stable and secure before the vehicle begins to move.
  • A forklift needs to be refuelled, but this should only occur at the designated areas and with the engine switched off.

Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Ideas

If your home has a country style, it is important the kitchen has this same style. Farmhouses are a great look to take inspiration from for country styled kitchens. From range cookers and antiques to reclaimed wood and repurposed furniture, there are many ways to turn your kitchen in to a farmhouse dream. Ideas include:

  • Repurposed furniture and salvaged materials. Go on a hunt, especially to old farmhouses and barns to collect furniture than can be repurposed and used, plus salvage materials such as quality woods, countertop materials and even unique farm style sinks and taps.
  • Wooden ceiling beams. This is the ultimate barn/country look for kitchens Chichester and across the country. If you have ceiling beams then get them treated and leave them exposed, if you don’t have wooden ceiling beams then consider installing them to get the look.
  • Antique signs and art. Look for vintage country style signs and art such as paintings of animals and antique signs with words such as “Bakery”, “Meat Market”, “Grocery”, etc.

A wood covered kitchen range hood. This look makes a big statement in a kitchen by using barn wood to cover a regular metal vent over the cooker.

Top Wedding Locations in the UK

Finding a good wedding venue is one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding. If you are looking to get hitched in the UK but can’t find your dream venue in your local area, why not travel a little further and find the perfect destination. Here are some of the top wedding locations in the UK:

Lake District

There are a large number of stunning locations throughout the Lake District where you can have a romantic, elegant, beautiful wedding ceremony overlooking lakes and mountains.


Country weddings Sussex and specifically the Eastbourne area are a unique choice as the venue can either be on the coast with a sea view or overlooking the scenic South Downs National Park.


The Cotswolds is not only surrounded by incredible scenery, there are a huge number of stunning wedding venues including manor houses, luxurious hotels, castles, estates, gardens, farms and more.


Devon is the perfect location for a classic country wedding, no matter if it is in a barn, on the beach, in the woods, in a manor, in a hotel, or in one of the many castles, there are plenty of countryside inspired venues to choose from.


Suffolk is a unique place where you can have any type of wedding including traditional, historic, romantic, unusual, grand or welcoming for just a small crowd. There are many beautiful wedding venues such as barns, country houses, grand halls, manor houses, Tudor mansions, hotels, lodges, golf clubs, estates and more.