Businesses in Kent

Kent is well serviced with every type of business that consumers and business customers alike will need. Kent is one of the Home Counties and is situated to the South East of Greater London. Connected to the capital via numerous highways and motorways including the M20, means that businesses in Kent are in direct competition with those of the capital. This competitive market place keeps local Kentish businesses striving to provide excellent products and customer service, the latter of which is often better than that to be found in London.

The range of services on offer is diverse and reflects the needs of the densely populated areas of the county. From local butchers, to florists, to manufacturers and many, many more in between, Kent has all the services required by locals and those who prefer a smaller, more local or family run company over a large corporate business. There are a range of accountants in Kent along with other financial services. All of the major British banks have outlets in Kent too.

Manufacturing in Kent is a robust industry as well. Although commonly known as the ‘Garden of England’, the county has an active role in England’s production of consumer goods, such as pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs. Historically Kent has always been a county that while maintaining its garden reputation and small town, country feel – has been an integral part of large and small scale manufacturing and the goods and services industries of the country as a whole. Those seeking a wide range of businesses in Kent will not be disappointed.

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