Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Ideas

If your home has a country style, it is important the kitchen has this same style. Farmhouses are a great look to take inspiration from for country styled kitchens. From range cookers and antiques to reclaimed wood and repurposed furniture, there are many ways to turn your kitchen in to a farmhouse dream. Ideas include:

  • Repurposed furniture and salvaged materials. Go on a hunt, especially to old farmhouses and barns to collect furniture than can be repurposed and used, plus salvage materials such as quality woods, countertop materials and even unique farm style sinks and taps.
  • Wooden ceiling beams. This is the ultimate barn/country look for kitchens Chichester and across the country. If you have ceiling beams then get them treated and leave them exposed, if you don’t have wooden ceiling beams then consider installing them to get the look.
  • Antique signs and art. Look for vintage country style signs and art such as paintings of animals and antique signs with words such as “Bakery”, “Meat Market”, “Grocery”, etc.

A wood covered kitchen range hood. This look makes a big statement in a kitchen by using barn wood to cover a regular metal vent over the cooker.

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