Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz vehicles are known for their engineering, quality and reliability with the latest features and safety technology. Here are the top 5 ways to maintain your Mercedes so it gives you years of faithful performance.

  1. Check the oil

Mercedes servicing should be done regularly, but there are also some minor services that you can take care of yourself. Park on a flat surface and make sure the engine is at a normal temperature to check the oil levels, if it is low then you can add oil.

  1. Take care of the tyres

Always check the tyre pressure has the proper amount of inflation to make sure the vehicle has optimum starting, stopping, manoeuvring ability as well as fuel efficiency. Replace tyres when the tread becomes shallow.

  1. Maintain the cooling system

Check the cooling system with the engine off and on a level surface. A mixture of distilled water and antifreeze or coolant is a good option to make sure the system stays at the right temperatures, plus it will prevent corrosion and deposits entering the system.

  1. Look after the brakes

Brake pads and brake fluid levels should be checked regularly to make sure the car can stop properly in all kinds of situations.

  1. Keep it clean

Washing and waxing the exterior and keeping the interior clean are important for maintaining the look, feel and value of your Mercedes. When washing, make sure not to forget the underside of the vehicle as grime and dirt can build-up from the road and cause rust.

Pet Friendly Flooring Options for Your Commercial Property

For commercial properties that will provide for a number of pets on a regular basis, it is important that you think about the flooring. Animals can often damage floors with their nails, hair, accidents and behaviour. The pet friendly flooring you install should be durable, low maintenance when cleaning and sanitizing, and stain resistant. Here are a number of popular options that you can use for your pet friendly commercial property:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring that is easy to clean, stain resistant and durable. Most ceramic tiles are solid and strong which means they can handle a variety of small and large pets without cracking, breaking or even chipping. Tiles are very easy to clean with just a sweep and mop every so often. Ceramic tiles have a low water absorption rate and can be completely water resistant with a melted glass glaze. A variety of tiles Reading can be purchased from trusted tile warehouses.


Concrete is a great option for those on a budget as it is very inexpensive compared to other flooring options. The concrete must be treated if it is going to be used in a commercial space with sealer that blocks the pores. This sealer will make the concrete floor water resistant and easy to clean.


Vinyl is a popular material used in commercial buildings that cater to pets. The material is water and stain resistant making it very easy to clean and sanitize. It may not be as strong as tiles but works well above strong surfaces such as concrete.