Useful Forklift Safety Tips

Forklifts are practical machines that are used in a range of businesses. With an extremely heavy weight and a fast speed, these vehicles may be useful but they can also be dangerous. Operating a forklift is fairly simple but there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure the support of workplace health and safety regulations. Here are some important and useful forklift safety tips:

  • Drivers of forklifts should be trained and qualified.
  • A forklift vehicle should be examined before every use, and any concerns or issues should be reported to the supervisor to be looked at.
  • Forklifts that require maintenance or repair should not be used.
  • Understand the weight capacity of the forklift and do not exceed it.
  • A radar detection system should be used to avoid the forklift coming in to contact with any objects such as people, other vehicles or buildings.
  • Drivers should stay in the operator seat with the seat belt on at all times when the vehicle is moving.
  • People on the ground should stay away from moving vehicles, especially when it is lifting or carrying a load.
  • Appropriate safety clothing should be worn by operators.
  • The vehicle should be operated at a safe speed, and turns should be taken slowly to avoid tipping.
  • Loads should be stable and secure before the vehicle begins to move.
  • A forklift needs to be refuelled, but this should only occur at the designated areas and with the engine switched off.

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